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Fast and healthy stuffed pita bread.

I love filling up a pita sandwich with my favorite stuffing!


  • Pita bread.


  • Young spinach and lettuce.

  • Grated carrot, cucumber, tomato and coriander (optional, can be replaced by eg basil or rucol salad).

  • Mix light mayonnaise (D&L light - 80%) with sriracha and water.

  • Cottage cheese (cottage cheese / cottage cheese).

  • Jalapeños slices.


  • Light mayo

  • sriracha

  • water


  1. Toast the bread and cut it almost completely open and let it cool.

  2. Mix all ingredients of the dressing to your own taste (I simply put these in a bowl and mix it with a fork).

  3. Cut all vegetables.

  4. Now you can start filling your sandwich.


Enjoy your meal!

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