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Fit burrito swaps.

Definitely one of my favorites and yet these can be guilt-free, by making a few simple swaps you can save a lot of calories and enjoy them guilt-free! .

A few tips:

  • Paprika tortillas from @nofairytales. Is the ideal swap with a "normal" tortilla. They consist 45% vegetables and on top of that they contain alot less calories.

  • Use lean minced meat, (shell)fish (or substitute).

  • I like to add a lot of vegetables, nowadays there are ready-made Mexican vegetable mixes for sale in almost every supermarket. Stir fry these with your meat along with Mexican spices.

  • Don’t forger the raw vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and lettuce (or whatever you desire).

  • Toppings: Coriander, Tabasco, jalapeños, guacamole, but don’t exaggerate (high calories).

  • To replace sour cream, I use low-fat Greek yogurt.

Small swaps can make a big difference!


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