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About me

From Tara with love!

I am Tara, 28 years old, born and raised on the Belgian coast.

I work as a self-employed person and am a nutritionist in training.


I have mixed Thai and Belgian roots and was raised by 2 chefs in these delicious kitchens.

Passion for food is something I was brought up with.


In the past 10 years I lost 17.5 kilos with ups and downs. By following a lot of different unhealthy diets ... Which became unsustainable in the long term, I didn't hang around and kept striving for what "worked" for me.

I like the principle that life is too short to eat things that aren’t tasty .. Choosing between taste or healthy doesn’t have to be an option!


I spend quite a few hours on sports.

Such as running, cycling and strength training.

but learned that losing weight is not just about exercising, but especially about finding a balance between nutrition and sports!


Using my simple recipes, tips and tricks, I would like to help you experience this and hopefully it can make a chance in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Hopefully you find it interesting and come back often!


If you have any questions!

I am happy to talk to you!


Lots of love, Tara Xxx


Instagram: Tasteoffit_official

Thanks for your message!

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